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Innovation, vision, purpose, and social responsibility are the guiding values that make Biosense Webster the unique, successful, technology-leading company it is today. A leader in the science and the technology behind the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, Biosense Webster pioneered the CARTO® 3 System, an advanced imaging technology that creates real-time, 3D maps of a patient’s cardiac structures, helping electrophysiologists better navigate the heart.

In 1997, Biosense was acquired by Johnson & Johnson, the world's largest healthcare company, in one of the startup nation’s largest and most successful deals. Today, the company employs around 300 people in Israel and thousands more around the world, and is recognized as a worldwide leader in the field of electrophysiology.

In a simple one-hour procedure, the CARTO® system allows diagnosis and treatment of arrythmia at varying degrees of severity: ranging from difficulty in performing simple tasks as part of the daily routine and to the risk of stroke and death.

Biosense Webster’s life-saving technology is used in a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures, improving the quality of care for hundreds of thousands of patients each year in healthcare centers worldwide. By listening closely to market needs, the company develops relevant solutions answering today’s most pressing clinical needs.

Biosense Webster Israel is a leading R&D center for the Johnson & Johnson Medical Device division. As an R&D hub, it focuses on expanding the capabilities of the CARTO® system and its related catheters. The center works closely with Biosense Webster’s sister development center in California, as well as with global regulatory, marketing, clinical support, and other global functions.

Staying true to Johnson & Johnson's Credo and its position as a groundbreaking technology leader in the global marketplace, Biosense Webster is committed to nurturing a dynamic culture of innovation. Proactive involvement, entrepreneurial initiatives and out-of-the-box thinking are actively encouraged. At Biosense Webster, interdisciplinary collaboration plays a key role in development of the company’s technology solutions and patents.

Biosense Webster offers a meaningful and value-based work environment where employees are encouraged to develop their personal and professional talents and fulfil their potential within the wider setting of the Johnson & Johnson Group.

Developers undergo clinical training, participate in real-time clinical procedures, and are in direct contact with leading doctors from around the world. This helps Biosense  Webster create innovative solutions that make a real difference to improving quality of life for patients and their families.

Employees at Biosense Webster’s development center in Israel come, mainly, from engineering, technology, and science backgrounds. Every day brings exciting new professional challenges, interaction with healthcare customers, and satisfying work. For engineers, Biosense Webster offers a unique opportunity to partake in finding solutions at the cutting-edge of modern healthcare and clinical issues, as well as the possibility to play a key role in creating solutions that saves lives. 

At Biosense Webster, interdisciplinary collaboration plays a key role in development of the company’s technology solutions and patents.