Innovation in Health & Wellness is Our Mission

As part of the Johnson & Johnson global group, Johnson & Johnson Medical Israel specializes in the marketing, implementation, and support of Johnson & Johnson’s medical device solutions with a focus on surgery, orthopedics, cardiology and neurology. Since 1996, we have been a leader in providing access to advanced medical devices for all government-owned, public, and private healthcare providers, helping our patients live longer, healthier lives. 

Our cutting edge, people-centered products are used in around one million healthcare procedures each day, in Surgery for life-saving operations, tumor removal, bariatric and vascular surgery, incision closure, and reduction of surgical site infections; in the treatment of Orthopedic trauma, such as joint, spinal, oral and jaw, and sports injury surgery; in Cardiology solutions for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias; and in Neurology for the treatment of stroke.

Commitment and responsibility
Living up to its Credo, Johnson Medical is committed to transforming patients' quality of life and considers its products an integral part of its mission and responsibility to patients, their families, and medical staff. 

The company strives to put the needs and well-being of the people it serves first. From patients and their families, to the communities in which it operates, Johnson Medical is dedicated to preserving and improving their well-being and quality of life. 
In order to turn this into a reality, Johnson Medical Israel’s personnel work in close partnership with hospital medical teams and are intimately involved on a daily basis with what’s happening in the healthcare field.

This close day-to-day collaboration creates a strong sense of satisfaction and meaning for employees and increases their motivation to provide an uncompromising level of service to medical staff and patients alike. 
Johnson Medical offers employees a unique environment in which they can grow and maximize their talents. In the course of their work, employees acquire a range of skills across different fields, from specific medical knowledge to sales techniques, negotiation, leadership, decision-making, and more.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Israel puts its people at the heart of everything it does. It believes engagement, professional collaboration and self-fulfillment are an essential part of the company’s vision. For this purpose, the company endeavors to select people who embody excellence, creativity, responsibility, mental agility, and an ability to thrive within a constantly changing environment.

Working at Johnson & Johnson Medical means working in a value-driven company with a clear vision for leadership in the global healthcare.


Johnson Medical offers employees a unique environment in which they can grow and maximize their talents.

Johnson & Johnson Vision 
In addition to providing solutions to a wide range of medical fields, Johnson Medical also addresses the field of eye care through Johnson & Johnson Vision.
Nearly 1.3 billion people around the world face impaired vision, and Johnson & Johnson Vision strives to help preserve the most precious of all human senses – sight. The company markets a variety of contact lenses in 103 countries and its sales constitute about two-thirds of the world’s contact lenses market.
For more than 30 years, Johnson & Johnson Vision has been working to raise awareness of appropriate treatments to address eye health. Its activity incorporates innovation, science, technology, and a leading team whose goal is to encourage eye care professionals and patients to actively preserve and improve eyesight.
In 1987, the company revolutionized contact lenses when it developed disposable contact lenses, and has since continued to lead the development and manufacture of the highest quality, innovative eye care solutions, as well as marketing the range of ACUVUE® brand of contact lenses. Johnson & Johnson Vision aspires to partner with eye care professionals around the world and help as many people as possible preserve and restore sight for life.

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