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Omrix Biopharmaceuticals, a Johnson & Johnson company, specializes in the development and manufacturing of life-saving products based on human plasma. True to the company’s Credo, Omrix is committed to serving patients, their families and medical staff through its innovative solutions.

Omrix’s human-plasma-based products help control bleeding during surgery, while its immunoglobulin-based vaccines provide solutions for people with immune deficiencies. Evicel®, its first development, was awarded the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Research and Development Award in 2012. EVARREST®, launched in 2015, became the company’s hemostat flagship product and a sensation among the US medical community. Winning the Global Surgery Award for Scientific Excellence, EVARREST® was instrumental in developing Omrix’s international reputation. 

The company also develops Omr-IgG-am® (Immunoglobulin Normal Intravenous) designed for intravenous injection. In collaboration with NIH organizations, the CDC, the US Department of Defense and the military, Omrix developed a range of innovative anti-biological products to deal with new and unfamiliar viruses, such as the West Nile Virus.

At Omrix, you’ll be part of a company with a global vision and values, where excellence, professional partnerships and self-fulfillment all serve our mission to save lives.

Omrix’s patented products are based on unique advanced biotechnology and are successfully sold worldwide, and meet the most stringent standards of operational excellence in all areas: safety processes, quality assurance, production and development.

The company’s employees embody qualities such as excellence, creativity, responsibility, thoughtfulness and agility. With our people taking center stage, employee engagement, professional partnerships, and self-realization are an essential part of our culture. Our employees thrive in a work environment that facilitates personal and professional development, where they can leave their mark and influence tomorrow's healthcare world.

Working at Omrix means working for a Johnson & Johnson company with a global vision at the forefront of the health arena. Where quality, innovation and excellence matter. Where employees learn on the job within a dynamic and evolving environment. And, where people make an impact working at the cutting edge of the pharma world’s most advanced methodologies and technologies.

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