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BI Analytics Translator


BI Analytics Translator

Job Description
The BI Analytics Translator helps the business leaders, across functions, to identify and prioritize business problems where data, advance analytics, AI or ML are key factor for a solution.
BI Analytics Translator bridge between the operational expertise in the organization (Marketing, MAF, MA, CIE) to the analytics expertise in the organization (data scientists and data analysts).
BI Analytics Translator helps ensure that the deep insights generated through sophisticated analytics translate into impact at scale in an organization.
To solve the business problems, the BI Analytics Translator allocates relevant data sources, suggests possible correlations to support predictive models or decision making.
Frequently serve as project manager on the projects.
Actively champion adoption of the solutions across the business and promote cost effective scaling.
Coordinate the administration, regulation and analytics of market researches conducted by different functions in the organization.


Skills and qualifications
Domain knowledge:
Must - Life sciences or medical degree.
Advantage - Experience from pharmaceutical company as MSL, Medical Advisor or Product Manager.

General technical fluency:
Strong acumen in quantitative analytics and structured problem solving.
Formal STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) background or self-taught knowledge in a STEM field.
General understanding what types of data models and tools are available and to what business problems they can be applied.
Must - Excel, PowerPoint knowhow.
Advantage – Familiarity with SQL, Python, R, tableau

Location: שפיים


Project-management skills:
Process-management skills is a must.
Should be able to direct an analytics initiative from ideation through production and adoption and have an understanding of the life cycle of an analytics initiative and the common pitfalls.

An entrepreneurial spirit:
Should have an entrepreneurial mind-set.
Enthusiasm, commitment, and business savvy to navigate the many technical, political, and organizational roadblocks that can emerge.

Soft skills:
Team player
Service oriented
Can do attitude
Effective execution skills

Fluent English

מיקום : שפיים
Medical Advisor- Hemato-oncology


Key Job Activities:

• Scientific communication - Lead the medical and scientific knowledge of the drug and its indications: Knowledge of all relevant publications (TA, product and competitors) and on-going studies of the company’s products and competitors in selected therapeutic areas.
• Supporting medical and scientific initiatives associated with the company's products, new indications and late stage clinical development candidates
• Medical Education activities - Scientific educational presentations to healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, pharmacists) in ward / staff / journal club meetings.
• Continuing educational activities - Planning and organization of educational workshops, seminars, programs and advisory boards (clinical discussion & debating forums) for physicians, pharmacists and scientists. Developing educational contents
• An active vibrant and agile team player of the functional brand team.
• Handle all Medical information queries regarding TA
• Creating a networking with regional and global MAF teams
• Attending assigned medical and scientific local and international meetings to respond to inquiries from the medical community, addressing current scientific issues and new data pertaining to the company’s products.
• Conducting sophisticated, appropriate scientific interchange with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s)
• Developing on-going professional relationships with national healthcare practitioners to provide medical and scientific support for the company’s initiatives in selected therapeutic areas.
• Providing training / scientific coaching to the business units
• Medical and scientific resource for health care providers based on sales force feedback and customer requests
• Support Medical affairs initiated international studies at the local level. Support and initiate international and local compassionate use programs / Name patients programs as part of pre-launched activities.
• Involved in strategy planning and activities related to products submitted for reimbursement (Health Basket).


Education: MD, PhD (life Science), DVM, DMD (Israeli license).

Experience: Previous experience in the Pharma/Biotech industry- 2 years minimum

Knowledge: Strength in research and Interpretation of medical data
Deep knowledge of the therapeutic area – an advantage
Previous role as a Medical Advisor- an advantage

Personal Attributes:

• Excellent people skills
• Excellent service orientation
• Ability to multi-tasking
• Team Player
• Ability to learn new processes and applications “on-the-fly”
• Good organizational and project planning skills
• Excellent presentation skills

Location: שפיים

מיקום : שפיים
רוקח/ת אחראי/ת QP

תאור המשרה

רוקח/ת אחראי/ת QPתאור המשרה:
רוקחת/ אחראי/ת לשחרור אצוות (QP) וכן תמיכה בנושאי איכות במחלקת האיכות.
אחריות על היבט האיכות של מוצרי Janssen המשווקים בישראל ונמצאים תחת אחריות J-C Health Care Israel.QP מבטיח כי התהליכים והתכשירים תואמים את כל דרישות הרגולציה המקומית ותקני האיכות של J&J. כמו כן, מספק/ת תמיכה בפרויקטים של מחלקת האיכות המקומית והגלובלית.

דרישות וכישורים

דרישות השכלה:
• תואר ראשון ברוקחות – חובה
• אישור כ- QP ממשרד הבריאות – חובה
• ניסיון באיכות – יתרון
• ניסיון בתחום שחרורי 29ג' - יתרון

דרישות התפקיד:
• ניסיון קודם כ- QP בחברה יבואנית או עבודה כרוקח במפעל יצרני - לפחות שנתיים
• ניסיון עבודה בסביבה רגולטורית וקשרים עם משרד הבריאות
• דגש על עבודה מסודרת, מדויקת ויכולת עבודה על פי נהלים
• שליטה בשפה האנגלית ברמה גבוהה מאד
• דגש על תקשורת בינאישית ויכולת עבודת צוות מעולה
• כישורי מחשב ועבודה בסביבה ממוחשבת
• עבודה בלוחות זמנים קצרים
• המשרה פונה לנשים וגברים כאחד

מיקום: שפיים