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Technical Lead Evarrest EXOPS GROW


• Process Engineer for Evarrest and Externally manufactured Surgiflo
• Technical support to functions and partners that lead workstream for the following programs:
o Grifols implementation and LCM - the CMO for Lyo Thrombin from the fractionation stage up to final product
o Patheon LCM - the CMO of Lyo Thrombin from the thawing/lyo stage up to final product
o Ness Ziona BB and LCM – E2E Evarrest manufacturing (from DS pooling to e-beam irradiation)


 Good technical writing skills.
 Experience with lyophilization.
 Background in coordination of projects' execution.
 Ability to facilitate resolution of technical and operational problems.
 Ability to manage the investigation and timely resolution of issues arising from customer complaints.
 Review and approve technical documentation for process and design validations to verify compliance to technical specifications and standards.
 Communication with internal and external partners to coordinate and execute project plans.
 Assign tasks according to projected scopes including compliance and quality improvement, cost reduction, cycle time reduction, capacity increase, raw material qualification, and launch preparation.
 Support cross-functional project teams to facilitate the transfer of new production processes and execute implementation activities to support product launch.
 Ability to understand statistical data and to apply statistical analysis techniques, to improve related processes, as a Six Sigma Belt.
 Responsible for developing and managing risk mitigation. Can assist in product risk analysis in evaluating potential crises.
 Understands how process parameters affect assembly/equipment outputs. Provides technical assistance to others. Can develop strategy per crisis for best solution given multiple options. Makes technical recommendations based on results and previous work.
 Capable to anticipate problems based on a brief statistical analysis.
 Ability to issue and manage Change control projects.

Location: נס ציונה


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