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QA assign for QC


• Collaborate with "One Lab" unit to ensure compliance of test methods within regulations.
• Support "One Lab "investigations associated with OOS and OOT tests results
• Leads or participating to "One Lab" tours for continuous improvement of GMP and GDP practices
• Utilizes industry and process excellence standards in routine quality operations, including good manufacturing practices (GMP), equipment engineering system (EES), and international organization for standardization (ISO).
• Supports product and process deviations, including Risk assessments, root cause investigations and preventive / corrective actions.
• Support on site audits .Prepare the "one lab" for audits.
• Leading or participating in continuous improvement projects to implement change within Operations.

• Review and approval of QC procedures, documents, protocols, reports and CC.

Reported to :
• QA for QC employee reports to Labs Q&C Lead


• At least 2 years of work experience in the laboratory (pharma industry is preferred)
• University/bachelor's degree or Equivalent (B. science is preferred)

Location: תל השומר


אומריקס הוא מעסיק המקדם שוויון הזדמנויות וגיוון במקום העבודה.
משרה זו עשויה להתאים לכל אדם באשר הוא בהתאם לכישוריו ויכולותיו, בין היתר, ללא קשר למגדר, מוצא, שיוך אתני, נטיה מינית ו/או מוגבלות.