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HVAC Engineer - GROW


HVAC Engineer Applies extensive and diversified knowledge of engineering principles and practices in a broad range of assignments and related fields. Makes decisions regarding engineering problems and methods and represents the company in conferences to solve problems and to plan and coordinate work. Responsible for the engineering and quality assurance of part of a major project or for a complete small to moderate project.
Reviews and analyzes complex task statements, standards, specifications, engineering drawings and other documentation to determine engineering requirements and is Responsible for assuring that the generation, release, and maintenance of documentation is in accordance with all requirements.


Mechanical/Biotechnology/Chemical Engineer - A must
Generally, requires (1-4) years related experience
Specific types of experience that may be required for this position:
• Experience and familiarity with Pharmaceutical HVAC systems and standards, including all required tests (integrity, velocity, particles, air changes)
• Experience and familiarity with cold rooms and cooling systems.
• Experience and familiarity with clean room facility standards and maintenance
• Experience in the pharmaceutical industry and Regulation
• Experience in project management and project management methodologies

Location: תל השומר


Omrix is an equal opportunity employer promoting diversity and inclusion in the work place.
This position may be suitable for any person subject to their qualifications and capabilities, regardless of (inter alia) gender, origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or disability.