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EMEA RWE Partnership Lead


The EMEA Real World Evidence (RWE) team is establishing long-term partnerships with highly recognized research and data institutions across Europe. In-depth data landscape analysis and feasibility assessment is a key step when evaluating and deciding upon our continuous commitment in partnering with the data institution(s) and health system partners in scope.

In this role, you will be accountable for working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders in linking and building data sources into a data hub, identify strategic partnerships opportunities and establish VBHC collaborations within Israel and EMEA (or even global teams as need it).
This will involve working cross-functionally to evaluating the strategic fit of and building external collaborations/partnerships that will enhance Janssen’s leadership in data access, aligned to business needs. You will collaborate with local, regional, and global RWE experts and work closely with various subject matter experts to drive internal alignment and provide recommendations to the brand teams on data opportunities and strategic alliances.

This role will be pivotal for building a regional center of excellence in setting up scientific standards for RWE research and should provide the foundation for the execution of value-based health partnerships.

Key responsibilities:

- Map and maintain landscape of current initiatives within Israel for building partnerships and create data access for Janssen EMEA.
- Continuously explore opportunities for strategic partnerships with academia, hospital networks, HMOs research institute, foster federated data networks or partner with innovative start-ups within Israel.
- Build on the current existing strategic partnership in Israel to ensuring a broader access to real world data
- Develop forward looking strategic partnerships and support mapping of RWE gaps with external RWD data sources (including supporting early portfolio gaps)
- Conduct comprehensive feasibility evaluations to provide recommendations on the value of future partnerships.
- Evaluate needs to consider the database, creating ability to answer key research questions across all therapeutic areas.
- Recommend around data sources and innovative methods questions (i.e., care pathway, disease burden, and societal impact)
- External environment and drive the debate: Build up and/or enhance a trusted collaboration with the external scientific community to facilitate a continuous communication and transfer of knowledge between the company, thought leaders and a wider group of stakeholders.
- Work closely with all internal and external stakeholders to increasing the acceptability of RWD and RWE for decision making.


• Master’s degree and or PhD in Pharmacoepidemiology or related field (data science, epidemiology, outcomes research, public health, biostatistics)
• At least 5 years of experience in working with claims, electronic healthcare records (EHR), survey data, outcomes research, data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry or healthcare company
• Advanced knowledge and experience in conducting epidemiologic and observational research, real world research and the evaluation of health care interventions
• Comprehensive knowledge of health care system and start up/innovation ecosystem in Israel
• Extensive professional experience with RWD and VBHC partnerships and/or building data strategies at a pharmaceutical company at global, regional or operating company level
Expected behavioral traits:
• Ability to think strategically and work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, recognizing the potential value generated by information generated through these partnerships and the ability to communicate the value accordingly to ensure any financial and FTE commitments
• Project management capabilities. Highly collaborative as well as team player
• Excellent networking, listening, highly presentation skills, negotiation and scientific writing skills
• Open for change and flexible attitude to be able to handle a complex, multiple stakeholder environment internally as well as externally
• Seeing the big picture whilst also being very analytical and with eye for details as needed.

Location: שפיים


Janssen is an equal opportunity employer promoting diversity and inclusion in the work place.
This position may be suitable for any person subject to their qualifications and capabilities, regardless of (inter alia) gender, origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or disability