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The Cloud DevOps SecOps duty and responsibility is to:
1. Perform required operation for Cloud Solution operation.
2. Write the code (typically scripts) that will: Install, Upgrade, Solve Cybersecurity and Privacy issue, improve solution performance.
3. monitor the operation of the solution including cybersecurity issues and performance issues.
4. Document all his work in Azure DevOps (ADO)
5. Be involved in the design of the solution to supply optimal cybersecurity protection, operation, and performance.
6. Be involved in the solution generation pipeline, including operating static analysis and addressing the findings.
7. Be responsible for generating the procedures for his activities, and to prepare the solution for related audits, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, HiTrust.
8. Work according to all relevant procedures.
9. Support complaints investigations.

• Drive innovation; promote knowledge and use of new tools
• Responsible for communicating business related issues or opportunities
• Responsible for ensuring personal and Company compliance with all Federal, State, local and Company regulations, policies, and procedures
• Performs other duties assigned as needed


• Knowledge in clouds DevOps and SecOps
• B.Sc. in Computer Science or another related topic
• Familiarity with variety of cloud environments: Azure, AWS, etc.
• Experience in working on Cybersecurity projects.
• Knowledge of Cloud technology
• Experience in working on Cybersecurity projects.
• Knowledge of Cloud technology

Location: יקנעם


Biosense webster is an equal opportunity workplace promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
This position may be suitable for any worker subject to their qualifications and capabilities, regardless of (inter alia) gender, origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or disability.